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This project it to track issues relating to the latest 'in development' OS only. Sometimes the in development OS is also referred to as .NEXT, OE-CORE based, the GIThub metadate or Yars. The metadata used to build these images can be found here Please state what GIT metadata revisions you are using or the contents of /etc/op-version from the device with ANY issue report. If you are using an image recipe other than openpandora-xfce-image please also state this. Please ONLY use this to record issues for the in development OS and its default included applications - any other application issue reports should go into the Additional Applications project. Issue reports with 'in development OS images' should also be reported to IRC (#OpenPandora on FreeNode) and the mailing list to make sure appropriate developers are informed. Please read this page to find out how to properly report bugs:

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