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 183 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportHigh Left mouse click and hold = fail Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description When I want to hold and select multiple files its not working. Not with the nubs or the touchscreen. I can try an easy test by making the select rectangle on the desktop. It only becomes very very tiny. If I try very fast diagonal drag motion on the touchscreen. It becomes a little larger. Trying to grab scrollbar is the same issue.
 182 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMedium Ctrl + F5 (Fn Lock) Fail Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description So I've tried this a while now with no success. I'm assuming its when Fn is triggered and then pressing Ctrl or Alt it goes away.
 180 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMedium LCD Brightness Lower = Flashing, Dies. Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description Just try and lower with the Fn+Br- until it starts to flashing and just dies if you go lower. It does go back if you raise it again. Feels wrong. Also no real feel in the brightness getting lower.
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