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 117 OpenPandora Main OSApplicationBug ReportLow Quake1 / Nanogl Lockup Closed
All Task Description After the last TI gles driver update quake1 (vanilla glquake 1 sources) and nanogl started to lockup the pandora after a few minutes of gameplay. Oddly all the other apps using nanogl seem stable. There is some bad code in nanogl (missing/null function pointers), which I need to clean up and afterwards reevaluate this issue.
 116 OpenPandora Main OSApplicationBug ReportLow Freetype issues (freeciv sdl client) Closed
All Task Description With the SDL client for freeciv the font characters show up as square blocks and garbage characters. This may be related to freetype. I had also heard that battle at wesnoth had similar issues.
 115 OpenPandora Main OSBase OSBug ReportMedium OS is missing Closed
All Task Description Please add to next hotfix, srb2 needed this file. My temporary hack was to modify the LD_LIBRARY_PATH (didnt like having to so this, but I think the way srb2 is loading the library it wouldnt work without it) and include the library in the pnd. Once this lib is added ill do an update on srb2 and remove the LD hack.
 25 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMedium QWERTY Slowdowns Closed
All Task Description Cleaned up a bit according to everything we know. EDIT: notaz did it again. Fixed it. If you find any weird side effects, let us know :) Replace the file /usr/bin/Xorg Be sure to change permissions to 755 Switching between DPAD and keyboard does increase CPU usage on X A LOT. It even tends to crash ALSA if done too extensive. According to notaz, this is due to some very old crap that's still included in X. Internally it has one mouse and one keyboard, everything else is copied every time you press a key and bunch of callbacks are called, messages are sent to all screens and windows. New tests from EvilDragon: Disabling xfwm4 makes things better (ALSA won't crash anymore), but it still lags. Running it in minimal X (directly from .xinitrc) strangely fixes this - X won't eat up more than 17% CPU, regardless how many buttons you press. OLD Entry: The qwerty controls when pressed are causing the system to slowdown making the application running to pause/delay. Ive seen in a least 2 application glquake and supertux. For example pressing space would cause the hiccups and shortly after the pressing stopped the application would regain normal running speed. The other joystick/nub controls work fine. glquake is getting controls direct from the event files. Supertux is using the SDL layer. This was done on angstrom image from dec 19th. EDIT: More tests done by EvilDragon with the latest image (pandora-xfce-image-omap3-pandora-20100102-new-kernel-fn-n-m-support.tar.bz2) When you play with the DPAD and press a keyboard button, the app is making the small pause. You can press as many keyboard buttons as you want after that, there won't be another pause. BUT as soon as you press the DPAD again, it pauses again. Then the next pause does happen when you press a keyboard button, etc. So it feels like it pauses when you switch between DPAD and keyboard. The most important thing: This only happens when you run SDL Games from X. It doesn't occur when running SDL games from the console.
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