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 213 OpenPandora Main OSApplicationBug ReportLow Gigolo does not perform it's task Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description In it's current state, Gigolo is flat out broken and (almost) useless. It pretends to to it's job, but can't because it's missing critical pieces of anatomy. It can mount local filesystems correctly, but then so can thunar, so this is a redundant and useless function. The main reason to use Gigolo is to mount remote filesystems easily, and without having to use the terminal, and to save passwords in your keychain. The solution to the problem is to perform the following tasks: sudo opkg install gvfsd-sftp sshfs-fuse sudo mousepad /etc/modutils/fuse type "fuse" save and quit sudo update-modules
217OpenPandora Main OSApplicationFeature RequestLowAdd Mounting and unmounting context options for PND'sUnconfirmed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description It'll have to be in the SKEL. /etc/skel/Applications/Settings/Thunar/uca.xml People can replace the contents of their current uca.xml file with the following to gain this functionality now. /home/[USERNAME]/Applications/Settings/Thunar/uca.xml Terminal Open Terminal Here exo-open --working-directory %f --launch TerminalEmulator Example for a custom action * emblem-symbolic-link Mount PND /usr/pandora/scripts/ -p %f -m && thunar /mnt/utmp/ *.pnd;*.PND gtk-jump-to-rtl Unmount PND /usr/pandora/scripts/ -p %f -u *.pnd;*.PND
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