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110OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportVery LowBattery percentage static in MiniMenuUnconfirmed
All Task Description Battery remaining percentage in MiniMenu does not update unless you change tabs back and forth. This is only really an issue when leaving the unit charging and not using it. It gives the appearance that it is not charging until you swap tabs around.
 109 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMedium Wifi looses connection after 20-30 minutes Closed
All Task Description While logged into XFCE and browsing for an extended period the wireless will loose its connection. It will not reconnect until the Wifi is toggled off and back on again using the ToggleWifi application. I have not tested this on an unsecured network. My wireless is WPA2 encrypted.
 107 OpenPandora Main OSBase OSBug ReportLow Secure Wifi will not connect until XFCE is loaded Closed
All Task Description My Pandora is set to load MiniMenu on boot. I can't use any networked apps because wifi will not automatically connect on boot. XFCE needs to be loaded at least once so that i can enter my keychain password. Once i've entered my password Wifi connects and i can return to MiniMenu.
106OpenPandora Main OSApplicationFeature RequestVery LowAppData corruptionUnconfirmed
All Task Description The appdata folder was corrupted on my SD card from an unclean eject this made the folder read only until i ran a repaired it. MiniMenu still displayed all my PND files. When clicking to launch the app would try to load crash and then return to MiniMenu without any visible error. This was pretty confusing and i thought it might be a good fix for a troubleshooting guide.
105OpenPandora Main OSApplicationFeature RequestVery LowNubs feature requestNew
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description The 'Nubs' application needs a setting for deadzone. Using the nubs in First person shooters the nubs trigger in directions when not even touched. An adjustment for deadzone would eliminate accidental movement caused by vibration. Also, application profiles for the nubs would be very useful. Different apps use the nubs in different ways and it would be great to not have to go and change settings before launching each application.
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