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 146 OpenPandora Main OSBase OSBug ReportHigh Minimenu regressions with Hotfix 3 Closed
All Task Description Fresh firmware install with Hotfix 3 installed results in the following issues with Minimenu. 1. 25+% cpu usage versus ~5% in earlier versions. 2. Touchscreen no longer works correctly to select icons. Selecting tabs still works and occasionally it will work for selecting an application icon, but for the most part it simply does nothing.
104OpenPandora Main OSBase OSBug ReportLowAAC decoder libfaad doesn't appear to be compiled as fi...Unconfirmed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description FAAD2 appears to not be compiled with fixed point decoding. My version of libfaad compiled with fixed point used 2-3x less cpu than the provided one. It's not enough to provide the switch to the configure script. the file libfaad/common.h has to be edited and a define uncommented. Line 68 in the v2.7 source. /* COMPILE TIME DEFINITIONS */ /* use double precision */ /* #define USE_DOUBLE_PRECISION */ /* use fixed point reals */ //#define FIXED_POINT
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