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 279 OpenPandora Main OSCoreFeature RequestMedium pidgin requires (more) locales to work correctly Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description Please add the following package to allow umlauts working in pidgin: glibc-gconv-utf-16 After installing this package I no longer have a problem receiving umlauts in pidgin. Besides it might also make sense to add "glibc-gconv-cp1250" which might be required for western europe and koi8-r which seems to be missing for xchat and conversion of chars there. At the moment the following locale related packages are installed (as of SuperZaxxon Beta3): glibc-charmap-utf-8 - 2.9-r35.3.5 glibc-gconv - 2.9-r35.3.5 glibc-gconv-cp1252 - 2.9-r35.3.5 glibc-gconv-ibm850 - 2.9-r35.3.5 glibc-gconv-iso8859-1 - 2.9-r35.3.5 glibc-gconv-iso8859-15 - 2.9-r35.3.5 Please add: glibc-gconv-cp1250 glibc-gconv-koi8-r glibc-gconv-unicode glibc-gconv-utf-16 Thanks!
 278 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportLow Kernel 3.2.x: broken middle click on right nub Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description Using kernel 3.2.x middle click with the right nub is no longer working. With the "old" kernel you get a middle click when pushing the right nub down, this is no longer the case when eg using SuperZaxxon Beta3 (was already the case in SuperZaxxon Beta1 with kernel 3.2.1). As long as you are using kernel 2.6.27.x middle click is working as expected.
 277 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMedium SuperZaxxon B3: minimenu does not scan all folders Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description Using SuperZaxxon beta3 (already observed it with beta2) it seems as if minimenu is not scanning all folders (and subfolders) correctly. Please have a look at this post for more information:
 276 OpenPandora Main OSCoreFeature RequestLow Kernel 3.2.x: add script to activate zram Closed
Release 2 (.next) Task Description Please add a script to activate zram (RAM compression) when using the new kernel. More info about how to do this is available in this post: Please be aware though that Linux-SWAT had to explicitly set a value in "/sys/block/zram0/disksize" to get it work with Slackware. Over here the following is automatically set: pandora:~$ cat /sys/block/zram0/disksize 61648896 Sadly I can *not* change this value, even using sudo: pandora:~$ ls -l /sys/block/zram0/disksize -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 4096 Apr 9 12:51 /sys/block/zram0/disksize pandora:~$ cat /sys/block/zram0/disksize 61648896 pandora:~$ sudo echo 61648888 > /sys/block/zram0/disksize -bash: /sys/block/zram0/disksize: Permission denied Basically the following commands are required in a startup script to automatically create the "compressed swap inside RAM" aka zram (possibly a check if the modprobe was successful makes sense as well as checking for the size of the created ramdisk): modprobe zram mkswap /dev/zram0 swapon -p 5 /dev/zram0
 176 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMedium problematic display brightness restoring a ...Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description Since hotfix4 it is possible to reduce the value for display brightness below '3'. Thus the script (the one used for low power mode) has to be adjusted accordingly. Currently line 25 in this script looks like this: if [ $oldbright -ge 3 ] && [ $oldbright -le $maxbright ]; then Please change the "-ge 3" part to "-ge 1" so that lower modes are possible, too. Otherwise the screen will be set to max brightness if you have selected a value of '1' when going into powersave mode. Somehow it looks like what is possible to select via the hotkeys and what is possible via the "application" differs. In the script in line 11 a minimum brightness of 3 seems to be defined, with the hotkeys it is even possible to go down to 0 (screen off) or values like 1 and 2. This is the relevant line: minbright=3 Brightness restoring appears to be problematic in, too. Just have a look at line 25 in this script: if [ $oldbright -ge 3 ] && [ $oldbright -le $maxbright ]; then Another issue is that the clockrate of 14MHz is simply too low to be reasonable. Please do adjust it to 125MHz instead, since this seems to be what TI recommends and what makes most sense since starting with hotfix4 this is where the lowest powermode (OPP0) is entered. When clocking down to 14MHz issues like the clock not working correctly come up. Relevant lines in line 14, restoring old clockrate: if [ $oldspeed -gt 14 ] && [ $oldspeed -le 900 ]; then line 72, setting the clockrate for low power mode: echo 14 > /proc/pandora/cpu_mhz_max
 164 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportLow Display brightness not restored at booting, HF4beta3 Closed
All Task Description The update from Hotfix3 to Hotfix4 beta3 broke restoring of display brightness at boot time. Restoring of brightness after "powersave mode" (aka flipping the power switch for a short time) does work nicely. This might be related to bug #163 ( ) where shutting the display down via DPMS does result in the brightness being lost when getting the display on again. This is related to the desktop mode (XFCE). Don't know if it does happen for minimenu, too, not tested yet.
 163 OpenPandora Main OSBase OSBug ReportLow DPMS related "display problems" Closed
All Task Description Currently it looks like DPMS is active in xorg (eg when using XFCE). DPMS is normally used for stuff like turning the screen off to save energy. There seems to be no way to configure this while in XFCE. So the default xorg server values are used. At the moment the screen is turned off after 10mins of inactivity. Problems with this are a) that the time till it is turned off can not be configured b) after wakeup from such a DPMS related display shutdown the brightness is set to maximum. Solution to this: Deactivate the sleep values via xorg.conf. I am attaching a diff to "[openembedded.git] / recipes / xorg-xserver / xserver-xorg-conf / omap3-pandora / xorg.conf" changing those to "default off".
138OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportLow'del' key (shift+backspace) not workingNew
All Task Description The title says everything: The 'del' key does not work. In theory you should have a del "event" when hitting shift+backspace. This is not the case in all progs I tested so far (terminal and default text editor with gui).
 137 OpenPandora Main OSBase OSFeature RequestLow Default vim config Closed
All Task Description The current vim install does come without any config file. By default this means vim does work in "vi compatible mode" which makes it hardly usable. The attached config file is meant to be used as ~/.vimrc, so it should be added to "/etc/skel/.vimrc". The file is partly based on the default config used by gentoo. Things this config file sets: * Start in "vim mode" by default * activate ruler * set width of linenumber in ruler * assume that the terminal uses a dark background * configure what hitting backspace removed (newlines, ...) * some magic to have different encoding formats working in a more sane way
 136 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportHigh rather high battery discharge while Pandora is powered  ...Closed
All Task Description The Pandora does seem to use too much energy while it is turned off. A testcase: The pandora was turned off over night (about 8 hours) and battery state dropped from 98% to 96%. When removing the battery from the pandora for the same amount of time, the state is not changed at all. This is based on the zaxxon firmware release with hotfix3, beta2. Problem: if you don't use the pandora for a while and forget to remove the battery you can cause a deep discharge which might damage the battery. This is also a problem if the Pandora does eg shutdown itself since power is out and you can't directly attach it to a charger. Possible causes: * Design fault in the board. * Too much powered on while the device *should* be completely powered off. The only things that should get power are the clock and the power button. This should basically not drain much. Regarding the clock: The PalmPre is based on the OMAP3, too. There you basically have no discharge when it is powered off, so it is unlikely that the fault is in the OMAP3 itself.
 90 OpenPandora Main OSBase OSFeature RequestLow Adding more "general libs" to the OS image Closed
All Task Description It would be nice if some more generic libs that could be used by software ported to the Pandora would be available in the base image. For example for Wesnoth we do require these additional libs (names taken from ): * boost-iostreams * boost-regex * boost-serialization Beside this Wesnoth does also require this package (from ): * lua5.1 In general I would recommend pulling in all of boost. This means the dependencies as well as the recommends. Here is a short paste of what this means: Depends: libc6, libstdc++6, libgcc1, boost-filesystem, boost-thread, boost-date-time, boost-system Recommends: boost-date-time, boost-filesystem, boost-graph, boost-iostreams, boost-program-options, boost-python, boost-regex, boost-serialization, boost-signals, boost-system, boost-test, boost-thread There are probably some other packages/lib that might make sense to directly have in the OS image, but they currently don't come to my mind, so I can't list them here. ;)
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