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315OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportMediumPairing bluetooth SPP devices doesn't work with XFCEUnconfirmed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description Hi, sadly the XFCE bluetooth manager seems to have problems with pairing simple SPP devices (an BT GPS mouse here). 1. Enable BT 2. BT Manager -> Add new device 3. Confirm Dialog and wait for scanning 4. Pick device 5. Select PIN options -> "0000" (here for me) In next step the dialog still asks you to enter a random PIN at your BT device (which is impossible here). Thus it seems, that the XFCE dialog makes troubles, I tried it with 2 different GPS. Pairing the GPS manually works fine: sudo rfcomm connect rfcomm0 00:18:E4:26:5F:14
 314 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportLow Pandora-Button doesn't open XFCE menu Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description If you enable the "disapear automaticaly" feature in the XFCE panel, the Pandora button doesn't open the main menu anymore and you need to open it manually with the cursor.
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