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236OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportLowCannot unmount SD-CardUnconfirmed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description SD-Card in Pandora can only be unmounted by guest (uid=1000) but not by jgeiss (uid=1001). Steps To Reproduce: Insert SD-Card (or boot with SD-Card inserted), Login as jgeiss (uid=1001), Try to unmount SD-Card via XFCE-Popup-Menu (right mouse click on SD-Card-Icon and select unmount).
 235 OpenPandora Main OSCoreBug ReportLow File /tmp/currentuser cannot be deleted by other users Closed
Release 1 (Zaxxon) Task Description The system creates a file /tmp/currentuser at the first login of a user. After logging out and in as another user the file still contains the previous user name. An cannot be deleted/overwritten by the new user. Steps To Reproduce: At least two users are available and have XFCE GUI enabled. 1. Login as user (eg. guest), a file /tmp/currentuser is created (containing guest) 2. Log out 3. Log in as another user (eg. jgeiss), the file still contains the old name 4. Change GUI to PMenu 5. Log out 6. Log in as first user (guest) Now the first user (guest) has PMenu as GUI which was set by the second user (jgeiss). Maybe the permission should be 0666 for this file?
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