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Opened by Michael Mrozek - 21.02.2010
Last edited by Michael Mrozek - 26.02.2010

FS#54 - Make it possible to enable / disable keyboard mappings to DPAD and ABXY

Some stuff (UAE4ALL, SuperTux, etc.) is having problems because ABXY and DPAD are mapped to keyboard buttons. I guess this will lead to more problems in the near future with SDL apps, so it should be configurable to enable / disable the keyboard -> DPAD / ABXY mappings. Maybe this could be included into libpnd?
Closed by  Michael Mrozek
26.02.2010 00:19
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  Added by notaz into the kernel GIT.
Grazvydas commented on 21.02.2010 22:25
Can you explain what do you mean by "to enable / disable the keyboard -> DPAD / ABXY mappings". Those keys should stop acting as keyboard keys? Or maybe as joystick? What exactly should be configurable?
Michael Mrozek commented on 22.02.2010 00:09
Currently, DPAD and ABXY are mapped to Joystick AND keyboard. This is fine with normal editing (as we can use it as PG UP / PG DOWN and cursor keys) But it can lead to some problems: I a dev does a quick port of a game (like SuperTux), he probably doesn't change key mappings. SuperTux opens up the menu when you press PG Down, so you can't use the lower button for playing, as it always opens the menu. Yes, for Linux apps, this can be fixed. However, not for emulated apps: Speedball 2 on Amiga and Atari ST, for example, does pause the game when you press ANY keyboard button. So while playing, it pauses with each button- or DPAD-Press. I'm sure there are more games that use keyboard and joystick together and use keys we mapped to the buttons. So, ideal would be a switch to quickly toggle between two states: 1) Keyboard = Keyboard, DPAD = Cursor Up, Down, Left, Right, ABXY = PG Up, PG Down (and whatever we have mapped there at the moment). Joydev can be enabled, it won't do any damage. 2) Keyboard = Keyboard, DPAD = Joystick UP, Down, Left, Right, ABXY = Joystick Button 1 - 4. NO keys are mapped to the DPAD or ABXY. If that could be toggled with /proc/pandora, apps like UAE4ALL could switch between keyboard and joystick-mode (i.e. if somebody wants to work in the shell, he can use the keyboard mode and has working cursor keys. If somebody wants to play, he can switch to Joystick Mode.) Default in the system would be state 1, so you can use cursor keys in Abiword, etc.


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