Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /srv/www/vhosts/ on line 649 FS#263 : MiniMenu with "Auto discover pnd apps?" set to NO hangs in endless loop! Even after reboot!

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Opened by Stefan Nowak - 09.09.2011
Last edited by Jeff - 30.01.2012

FS#263 - MiniMenu with "Auto discover pnd apps?" set to NO hangs in endless loop! Even after reboot!

BUG DESCRIPTION: On my SD card with Pandora OS 1.6.4 I changed MiniMenu's setting "Auto discover pnd apps?" to NO, and then the program remained in an endless loop showing "Setting up menu...", crashing, "Setting up menu...", crashing, and so on. BUG REPRODUCTION: The variable filesystem.do_pnd_disco set to the value 0 definetely causes the crash, but maybe only in conjunction with some of my other settings?! Therefore see my attached config file mmpref.conf. Maybe related to  FS#79  , hard to tell, as this is a very minimal report. Definitely not related to my previously reported MiniMenu bug FS#262 WORKAROUND: 1) If your default GUI is: a) MiniMenu: Then after rebooting, MiniMenu will still be caught in an endless loop! Therefore boot up from an auxilary/temporary volume rather than your volume with the damaged MiniMenu! If your ruined system is on the NAND boot from an SD card, if the ruined system is on SD card, boot from NAND or another SD card. In doubt read: b) Other than MiniMenu such as XFCE: Then you are lucky. Simply start into XFCE, and continue with the next step. 2) Open ~/.mmpref.conf with a text editor and set the variable filesystem.do_pnd_disco to the value 1. 3) Reboot into your healed volume.
Closed by  Jeff
30.01.2012 15:33
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  This is a use-case I try to keep working, though few if any will try it; my goal was to allow for directory browser use case even when no apps are being pulled in (which is an odd case, since the base firmware usually includes some apps.) Recent changes for the .desktop mode wirh pnd-mode turned off brought in this regression. All fixed now :) Thanks for the report :)
Stefan Nowak commented on 09.09.2011 23:31
Clicking the button "Attach a file" in FlySpray DOES NOT WORK, hence I now post ~/.mmpref.conf inline here: # Machine written; do not edit. # If you do edit, its KEYVALUE, nothing extra. categories.default_cat Game categories.do_all_cat 1 filesystem.do_browser 0 display.show_detail_pane 0 tabs.subcat_as_folders 1 tabs.subcat_to_parent 1 minimenu.start_selected 1 filesystem.do_pnd_disco 0 minimenu.use_run_speed 0 minimenu.run_speed 500 tabs.wraparound 1 grid.wrap_vert_stop 0 minimenu.live_on_run 0 minimenu.force_wallpaper /pandora/appdata/mmenu/wallpaper.png
Marq Watkin commented on 26.01.2012 11:54
This is caused by having both "filesystem.do_pnd_disco" and "filesystem.do_browser" switched off, this means there's no data to generate tabs from and thus the crash. I've not debugged it, but I'm suspecting the crash is occuring in mmui.c on line 2893, where it tries to access the first category (after trying to find a "default"), but as the array g_categories will not have been set, will be your segfault


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