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OpenPandora Main OS

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  • Operating System Release 1 (Zaxxon)
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  • Reported Version Hotfix 5
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Opened by Stefan Nowak - 11.08.2011
Last edited by Grazvydas - 02.01.2013

FS#249 - File Browser Thunar - After 2 nub double-clicks unreactive to further mouse + keyboard input

If I navigate via keyboard (KEY UP/DOWN to move in lists, ENTER level down, BACKSPACE level up) I experience no problems at all. I can go many levels up/down, change to other folders, etc. No problems. But if I navigate with the nubs, and using the right-nub-up-direction to trigger a double click, this only works 1-2 times, and from then on, the files/folders in Thunar cannot be clicked any further. I am stuck then. A look into dmesg reveals this: keyboard.c Can't emulate rawcode for keycode 139 The timestamp of that specific keyboard.c error messages exactly correlates with the bug occurrence times. (uptime timestamps matched with dmesg timestamps) I tried alternative filebrowsers such as emelFM2, and there the problem does not exist, meaning I can trigger as many double clicks I want! I am using HotFix 5 Alpha 4 on an SD card. The bug already annoyed me on a HF5 on the NAND.
Closed by  Grazvydas
02.01.2013 12:08
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  fixed in SuperZaxxon 1.52 + "System->Upgrade pandora OS"
Nils Kneuper commented on 28.08.2011 13:37
This bug is a duplicate of Bug  FS#157  (though it describes stuff in more detail). cf
Stefan Nowak commented on 28.08.2011 14:10
I hope though that my detailed description helps for the debugging process.
Stefan Nowak commented on 01.09.2011 14:01
Stefan Nowak commented on 21.10.2011 21:32
Bug still exists in Pandora OS 1.6.
bukkit commented on 16.08.2012 13:38
Bug confirmed for Thunar 1.0.2, SuperZaxxonFinal 2012-06. Mind: This only happens with the list views, "Detailed List" and "Compact List". Icon view is unaffected.
Stefan Nowak commented on 16.08.2012 14:14
Interesting to know that only "List mode" is affected. Always wondered why the complaint about this was not more popular, as a file browser is used on a daily basis. But as "Icon view" is the default view, probably only few users experienced that bug. Until that basic functionality is not solved it is a shame to call the OS revision "final". Hope that this fix will happen.
bukkit commented on 27.08.2012 14:53
I lately experienced a case where only "Detailed List" was affected. Compact List was working.
Urja Rannikko commented on 29.12.2012 11:26 We could apply the patch to exo available from that link.
Stefan Nowak commented on 29.12.2012 14:56
As a user I can say: The bug description over there is exactly matching our bug. I kindly ask a dev to apply that patch into the firmware.
Grazvydas commented on 29.12.2012 18:50
I've upgraded exo to 0.3.107 instead, which seems to have that patch applied already. If you have SZ 1.52, please try "System->Upgrade pandora OS" or "opkg update; opkg upgrade", then logout and log back in.
Stefan Nowak commented on 01.01.2013 23:28
Tested and it works! What a relief! One step closer for SuperZaxxon to deserve the label "Final".


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