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Opened by Jeff - 07.03.2011
Last edited by T4b - 17.09.2011

FS#216 - ToDo - SD manager tool (backup homedir/restore, prepare SD)

Should make up a simple zenity script tool .. - backup -> pick SD -> backs up current user's homedor to SD. (tar.gz format so permissions can be kept; not cpio/etc, too annoying for user.) -> keep rolling, or just one copy? - restore -> pick SD -> pick user -> confirm -> wipe home and restore with version from tarball? (or just unpack in-place, so existing new files are kept) -> prepare SD -> pick SD -> mkdir /pandora/menu and /pandora/desktop
T4b commented on 04.05.2011 17:40
As a reminder to my self, when finishing this I'll also add F3 to test if SD cards are fake. F3 should really be included per default.
Stefan Nowak commented on 08.07.2011 13:34
The SD card is an essential part for every Pandora user. Therefore a utility for testing/preparing the card is very welcome! Sadly there is a lot of cheating on the SD card market, hence it would be nice if the user had a utility which checks whether the dealers specs are true: - A benchmark command for determining min/avg/max read/write speed. - A test tool which tests for the real capacity.
T4b commented on 08.07.2011 14:53
Like I wrote, when I finish this (I don't know when, I should do some other stuff first and I also have got other stuff I would like to do but writing scripts for the Pandora) I'll include F3, a tool which tests the capacity of SD-Cards (or anything you want) and displays the speed while doing so. It's not a benchmark tool, but the speed measure should be enough to find out if the card is as fast as it should.
T4b commented on 17.09.2011 17:12
I lost all of what I made so far work because of a broken file system on one of my SDs (it's STUPID not to make backups, I know...). Don't know if I'll feel like doing it again soon. Maybe.
Stefan Nowak commented on 17.09.2011 18:06
I too experienced the repetition of a complete project from scratch, as I lost the original materials. And to my surprise, "doing it all over" was not as bad as I thought. The second time you are more focused, and avoid a lot of in-between steps. My encouragement to you! Good luck!
T4b commented on 17.09.2011 18:50
Yeah, the second time it won't take as much time. I guess sooner or later I'll redo and finish the script if no one else is faster.
Jeff commented on 19.09.2011 00:20
A common note in coding is .. a project is never done right until the 4th time through; never the first, sometimes the third if you're lucky. Most programs only get written once, maybe twice :) So yeah, you'll do a good solid job this time ;) jeff
T4b commented on 02.07.2012 19:01
Ah, fuck, have forgotten this for some time. I wouldn't bet on me doing it anytime soon either. Possibly I'll finish it sometime, but - not I don't think that's very likely. :-( Oh well, after I've written something like this there is a chance I'll try to prove me wrong, but... see above.


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