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OpenPandora Development OS

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Opened by Colin Pfaff - 08.02.2011
Last edited by John Willis - 19.01.2012

FS#206 - First Boot Wizard - Controls assignment screen needed

Since I don't have a Pandora, I used the videos that EvilDragon has shown to discover this issue. Nowhere did I see in the First Boot Wizard that it tells you what the default controls in XFCE does like for example how the mouse moves and clicking using the nubs. It also doesn't tell you what the gaming buttons do (L and R included). Would be nice to know for first time users. It should also tell a user if they want to change these setting to look at a specific place after the wizard is done. We shouldn't have the users figure the controls and such out by trial and error. When is that ever fun? :)
John Willis commented on 19.01.2012 12:34
Having the option for a README or some form of semi-interactive guide linked from the 1st run wizard is actually a really good idea. The most simple way to do this would be to show a text file in the context of the wizard at the end with tip. While this would not be the most fancy option it would fill this need and we could improve on it later. We could also tell people where to look in Xfce or MiniMenu for help once they are up and running. I'll look at tweaking the script to do this for the development OS. Regards, John Willis
Michael Mrozek commented on 19.01.2012 12:44
I actually started this a while ago, as HTML files optimized for 800x480 :) I've got a few basic stuff included, but I didn't put it into the last Hotfix as it is not yet finished and we don't have a good internal webbrowser. Links2 displays the small tutorial really nice, but you need to navigate to the menu to quit. I'd love to have a Quit button in the HTML files, but I don't know how to do it properly. Is there a similar tool like HTML, where I can create such a system?


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