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Opened by Jake Aitchison - 01.07.2010
Last edited by Michael Mrozek - 23.01.2011

FS#140 - WiFi Starts off fast then slows down

When downloading files using a browser or wget or when attempting to stream videos we see a fast initial burst which then slows down dramatically. see following topics for more details and actual user stats.
Closed by  Michael Mrozek
23.01.2011 23:41
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:  New driver with HF5.
Nils Kneuper commented on 03.07.2010 10:00
Maybe partly related: Over here, where the next neighbor is >30m away and there should not be much that does create an interference switching from chan 1 to chan 13 significantly improved speed in wget from some mere `/dev/null' Resolving datenschleuder... Connecting to datenschleuder||:21... connected. Logging in as admin ... Logged in! ==> SYST ... done. ==> PWD ... done. ==> TYPE I ... done. ==> CWD /admin ... done. ==> SIZE test.avi ... 176403810 ==> PASV ... done. ==> RETR test.avi ... done. Length: 176403810 (168M) 6% [=> ] 11,741,328 98.6K/s eta 27m 3s
wejp commented on 03.07.2010 10:52
I just wanted to add my wireless speed test results here as well. I've tested the wireless speed by downloading a test file (1 GB) on the Pandora with wget from a computer (running vsftpd) on my local network. I did not write the file to disk but to /dev/null. The Pandora was connected to my wireless access point (TL-WR1043ND running OpenWRT) with WPA2 (AES encryption). Wireless channel is 11. I've achieved a transfer speed of almost 1 MB/s. The Pandora's distance to the access point was a about 6 meters while downloading that file. Also, there are lots of other wireless networks in my neighborhood.
   wireless2.jpg (101.2 KiB)
Jake Aitchison commented on 03.07.2010 11:51
ill add mine here as well as the forum then. ok I run the test used the HFS on my windows 7 pc to host a par2 file which was 50mb it started off quite high but slowly decreased, my pc is connected via 100mb lan cable to the router the pandora is connected to the router using wifi so you would expect quite high speeds but anyway here are my results are they good or bad? 100%[=======================================>]50,780,276 196k/s in 4m 17s 2010-06-30 21:24:56 (193 KB/s) - 'test.par2' saved [50780276/50780276] so dunno if thats good or not?
Nils Kneuper commented on 03.07.2010 12:14
Okay, some more testing: In general there should be no interference from surrounding devices or other networks since they are rather far away and there are simply no neighbors that could run a microwave or anything like this all the time. Speed seems to be basically identical no matter if I am 20cm away from the access point or 15m away with 2 walls in between. This does hint to some problem regarding protocol, maybe with data handling on the router side or something like this. Will do some more testing regarding wifi speed on different chans and everything like this. As intermediate info, the chip in the router (AVM FritzBox 7270) is probably this one: Atheros AR5133 (3 Tx, 3 Rx, dual-band 2.4/5GHz) Settings: encryption: WPA2 (CCPM) channel: 13 (basically constant at 100KB/s) 1 (not faster than 100KB/s, might have been slower) TODO: test with some other router/accesspoints and different channels.
Nils Kneuper commented on 03.07.2010 14:11
Okay, some more (at least partly) interesting results: I checked different router regarding how they work with the pandora. Here are the results (basic test was copying a file using scp ending on the pandora at /dev/null, wifi connections in this test were running unencrypted, everytime on channel1): D-Link DI-514 (802.11b only): something between 30KB/s and 90KB/s Speedport W700V (only running in some 802.11 mode, most likely g+b): 330KB/s AVM FritzBox Fon 7050 (802.11b+g): starting at 340KB/s, later pending between 200 and 350KB/s AVM FritzBox Fon 7050 (802.11g): does not connect at all AVM FritzBox Fon 7050 (802.11b): about 90KB/s, though sometimes pending between 60KB/s and 90KB/s Switching the 7270 between the available modes (b+g, b+g+n) seems to make no difference. Switching the chan on the 7270 around does not significantly increase/change speed either. In general speed seems to depend significantly on the accesspoint used.
Jake Aitchison commented on 03.07.2010 14:48
but it shouldnt be this dependant on settings we should be getting much better speeds.
Nils Kneuper commented on 11.07.2010 16:56
This post sounds interesting: This does also explain why the pandora does seem to not want to connect to my usual access point at 802.11g only mode where it does connect in 802.11 g+b mode.
Nils Kneuper commented on 23.08.2010 19:34
Just had an interesting observation: Using my Pandora with hotfix3 there is a significant difference between uploading something to the pandora and downloading from the pandora (as in "receiving data with the pandora" vs "sending data with the pandora"). For the test I used scp, so don't expect too accurate numbers, they are only high enough to get an idea that there is a difference. scp to the pandora: ~150 kilobyte/s scp from the pandora: ~550 kilobyte/s This is using my AVM FritzBox 7270 with an updated firmware (the firmware makes no real difference when surfing/downloading with the pandora, never tested download from the pandora before).
Michael Mrozek commented on 18.01.2011 01:56
SHOULD be fixed with HF5.


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