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FS#107: Secure Wifi will not connect until XFCE is loaded 2014-12-10T01:47:03Z 2010-06-16T13:59:26Z
My Pandora is set to load MiniMenu on boot. I can't use any networked apps because wifi will not automatically connect on boot. XFCE needs to be loaded at least once so that i can enter my keychain password. Once i've entered my password Wifi connects and i can return to MiniMenu.
Nick Leesam
FS#220: Please include /usr/bin/xkbset 2014-12-10T01:46:43Z 2011-03-12T18:35:49Z
One of the first things after installing HF5 was downloading xkbset, because it is necessary for proper L-R buttons mapping as mouse buttons. Could you please include that in the system? I am using urjaman's executable from here: Even better would be a GUI that allows mapping of L-R buttons for mouse, just like GUI for nubs :) But including xkbset will be already good.
Janek Kozicki
FS#116: Freetype issues (freeciv sdl client) 2014-04-29T23:56:22Z 2010-06-21T17:37:08Z
With the SDL client for freeciv the font characters show up as square blocks and garbage characters. This may be related to freetype. I had also heard that battle at wesnoth had similar issues.
FS#202: Set Date and Time won't let you cancel or close 2014-04-29T23:54:31Z 2011-01-30T10:15:09Z
The Date and Time application in MiniMenu by won't let you use the cross or the cancel button to close the application without changing anything. If you use one of those buttons then a new window opens that says: "Error: Please select a timezone" and equally so for the date and time.
FS#323: OS Selector bug 2014-04-29T23:42:18Z 2013-06-18T11:48:47Z

When selecting no OS in the OS Selector you're returned to the login screen where you have to reauthenicate. (Pressing Enter without selecting an OS does this)

I happen to do this a lot and it drives me mad :P

FS#306: Issue with Network Notification pop-ups 2014-04-29T23:24:53Z 2012-12-11T22:43:14Z
Clicking on the button in a notification used when WiFi is enabled (such as the one stating that Wireless Networks were found), doesn't close the notification. In order to close it, I have to click the X button that's in the top-left.
Bryan Kirk
FS#313: WiFi LED Not Triggered on First Activation 2014-04-29T23:24:00Z 2013-01-28T11:36:12Z
The first time WiFi is enabled after boot, using either the the config button menu or the Toggle WiFi menu option the WiFi LED does not light up. (though the WiFi itself does work) Once it has been enabled and disabled for the first time, it will work normally for subsequent uses of the WiFi toggle. If the Toggle WiFi script is launched for the first time from the terminal the LED does light up. This is the case in SuperZaxxon 1.53 with all current upgrades applied, and reportedly since the introduction of SuperZaxxon. checking /sys/class/leds/pandora::wifi/trigger while the WiFi is enabled but the LED off shows that the trigger has been successfully set to phy0radio Also noted while investigating this: If Wifi is enabled for the first time from the terminal the following errors are generated by /etc/init.d/wl1251-init Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] Usage: insmod filename [args] Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] find: /lib/modules/3.2.30/updates: No such file or directory Usage: insmod filename [args] The commands that generate these errors are only executed if the mac80211 module is not already loaded - and that module is not unloaded when wifi is disabled. This seems to be unrelated to the issue being reported, however I can't see any cause for the issue at all, so I figured it was worth including it in the report anyway.
Joel Makarov
FS#334: error when decreasing brightness 2014-04-07T21:49:19Z 2014-04-06T19:16:15Z

The script does not handle brightness "0".

If you try to decrease brightness if it's already at 0, it produces errors:

~ # /usr/pandora/scripts/
/usr/pandora/scripts/ line 18: [: : integer expression expected
/usr/pandora/scripts/ line 22: echo: write error: Invalid argument

Not sure how to attach a patch here, but you can get the change with:

git pull git:// bug-333

I also changed the script to use /bin/sh since it's a valid posix script.

Alec Moskvin
FS#332: and scripts fail for some usernames 2014-03-22T17:02:22Z 2014-03-03T01:44:35Z

/usr/pandora/scripts/ and /usr/pandora/scripts/ fail for some usernames due to poor shell scripting


these scripts find their config files by grepping /etc/passwd for the uer currently running xfce4-session, but the loose regexp matches too much. this shell fragment from


grep /etc/passwd -e $(ps u -C xfce4-session | tail -n1 | awk '{print $1}')| cut -f 6 -d ":"


when a use called "me" is logged in, returns







rather than just "/home/me"


all instances of that construct (reading and writing settings, in both and should be changed to


grep /etc/passwd -e ^$(ps u -C xfce4-session | tail -n1 | awk '{print $1}'): | cut -f 6 -d ":"


to correctly match only the complete username field in /etc/passwd